• The first video game with the beautiful Druuna as heroine

  • Interactive dialogues and Lip-synch speech

  • 24 large sectors in real time

  • 30 real characters

  • 60 minutes Full Motion interative video

  • Volumetric lights and character "skinning" in real time

  • 3D graphics and Motion Capture animation

  • Certified THX audio®

  • 10 original soundtracks

There are many flash games around and available to play online and most of them are free to play. There is a big variety and there are different themes of games. If you are looking for boys games then you will not be disappointed.

There are many games that will be great for boys to play. In fact, it is probably easier to explain which games are not suitable for boys rather than go in to the detail about all of the games that they can play. There are very few games that are aimed specifically at girls and this is because historically more boys played computer games than girls, although this is now starting to change.

There are a lot of games around that boys are likely to want to play. These include arcade games, shooting games, fighting games. There are also role play games, puzzle games and defence games that will appeal to boys as well. The only games that are unlikely to appeal are dress up games, friv games from Friv-Games.Club and Friv pet’s games and possibly some time management games with a girl theme.

With so many free flash games to choose from, even if some games are not suitable for boys, they will find that there is still so many to choose from that they will not know how to start. Some sites have only games of a specific category and others are split by type of game. This means that if there is a particular genre of game that is preferred then these can be easier to find and there may even be a boy’s category to make things even easier.

So why not start looking around and you will quickly find that there are many free flash games available for boys to play.
Condemned to an eternal vegetative state, the very sexy Druuna is waiting for someone to free her from her sick, claustrophobic and dilapidated world, inhabited by people suffering from a terrible virus that transforms them into bloodthirsty beasts.
A symbiotic computer directly linked to Druuna's brain is the only thing that can help you to capture and to relive the situations that have reduced her to a state of "cold sleep". You must try to avoid the unscrupulous individuals that live in her mind and face the traps hidden along this uncertain road leading finally to salvation.

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System requirement
Intel Pentium II 400 Mhz
64 Mb RAM
3D graphic card 16 Mb
Windows 95, 98 et 2000
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